Coat of Arms

The Banco di Napoli Coat of Arms was officially recognized by ministerial decree on August 10, 1905 and was described in the Presidential decree of June 7, 1947 and transcribed in the Registers of the Heraldry Council as follows:
“In quarters, the first quarter is divided into gold and red halves, with a red cross of calvary projected on the upper gold half and three stylized mountains in gold below (Monte di Pietà); in the second quarter in light blue there is a clover style calvary cross in gold with the letters I.H.S. below the cross above three mountains of Italian green with the letter M. on the right,  the letters N.D. in the middle, and the letter P. on the left, all in gold (Monte dei Poveri nel Sacro Nome di Dio); in the third, light blue quarter, there is a shining silver dove flying down with golden rays shooting from his beak (Banco dello Spirito Santo); in the fourth, silver quarter, the red sword of S. Jago in the form of a long, pointy clover-style cross traversed by two gold pilgrims’ staffs and a stylized shell in the center of the cross (Banco di San Giacomo) Under the Samnite shield, a flying banner with the motto: Banco di Napoli.”