Banco del Santissimo Salvatore

Location: Piazza San Domenico Maggiore

The last of the banks to be created was the Banco del Santissimo Salvatore in 1640. It was created as a for-profit institution (the only one of the eight banking institutions which was not affiliated with a charity organisation), by the Governors of the gabella della farina (Flour Tax Bureau), which had been “arrendata” (licensed), or transferred with a guarantee to State creditors. They obtained the authorisation from the Viceroy to open the bank, indicating that there were not enough public banks to meet the needs of the many operations of debt collection and payment which were expected of them. The Banco del Salvatore, which at the beginning was effectively limited to the operations regarding the management of the tax bureau, later carried out other operations such as deposits and collateral loans.

Their first offices were located in the rooms of the Cloisters of Santa Maria di Monteverginella, built in the 14th century by Bartolomeo di Capua because of his devotion to the Madonna di Montevergine. In 1652, it was moved to Giovanni De Gennaro’s residence, across from the church of Santi Filippo e Giocomo. Later, in 1697, the Bank acquired another 14th century building (with a 15th century portal) from the Princes of Castiglione for 18,000 ducats in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, which became its permanent headquarters. The building is now privately owned.